1966-1970 B.Sc. - University of Toronto

1970-1971 M.Sc. (Statistics and Computer Science) - University of Toronto

1977-1980 LL.B. - University of Ottawa

Expert Advice/Opinion

Assistance to the Law Society of Upper Canada in the prosecution of several paralegals under the Solicitors Act, each of whom had allegedly held themselves out as providing legal services to the public.

Legal opinions to the Lawyers Professional Indemnity Company on a number of negligence claims in estate matters.

Expert opinions on compensation for substitute decision-makers.

Courses/Seminars/Presentations given by Barry Corbin

Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario:
“Will & Estate Planning”
“Family Law Act, 1986”
“Tax Aspects of Marriage, Separation and Divorce”
“Estate Planning: You Can’t Take it With You”
“Avoiding Probate Fees”
“Responsibilities of an Executor”
“Death and Taxes”

Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants:
“Personal Financial Planning”

Trust Companies Institute:
“Impact of the Family Law Act, 1986 on Estate Administration”

Canadian Association of Financial Planners:
“Ontario’s Family Law Act, 1986”
“Dealing with Assets Passing Outside the Estate”
“The Role of the Executor”

Canadian Bar Association Ontario:
“Estate Planning”
“Family Law Act Issues in Estate Planning & Administration”

International Association of Financial Planners (October 1991):
“Multiple Wills”
“Conflict of Laws”

Carswell Family Law Conference (April 1993):
“101 Drafting Errors in Domestic Contracts”

Canada Life Masters Seminar:
“How to Avoid Probate Fees”
“Beneficiary Designations: Tips and Traps”

Canadian Institute seminar Co-chair for “Eighth Semi-Annual Estate Planning Institute” (November 1993)
Canadian Institute seminar Chair for “Resolving Factual Disputes in Estates Matters” (March 1994)
Trust Companies Association of Canada seminar moderator on “RRSPs and RRIFs” (May 1994)
Canadian Institute seminar Co-chair for “Tax, Trust and Estate Planning Issues in Family Law” (January 1996)
Canadian National Institute for the Blind “Estate Planning” (June 1995 and June 1996)
REENA Foundation “Estate Planning” (June 1995 and March 1996)
Grant, Thornton, Chartered Accountants seminar, “Responsibilities of an Executor” (November 2000, November 2001 and November 2002)
Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (Toronto branch) seminar: “Top Ten Cases of 2003” (January 2004)
Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (Toronto branch) seminar: “Top Cases of 2004” (January 2005)
Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (Ottawa branch) seminar: “Post-Mortem Planning” (March 2005)
Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (Ottawa branch) seminar:  “Reproductive Technologies & Estate Planning” (April 2006)
Law Society of Upper Canada webinar:  “The Lawyer as Estate Trustee”
Facilitator in Law Society of Upper Canada's "Advanced Roundtable in Estates Law "  (May 2008)
Thunder Bay Law Association seminar:  Current Topics of Interest in Estates Law (October 2009)
Estate Planning Council of Toronto:  “Problems with TFSA Beneficiary Designations” (November 2009)