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Corbin Estates Law

  • Advises on and implements tax and estate plans for high net worth individuals and owner/operators of private businesses;

  • Acts as solicitor for estate trustees on all aspects and stages of estate administration;

  • Acts as estate trustee during litigation;

  • Advises estate trustees and attorneys on their obligations and beneficiaries on their rights;

  • Provides opinions on will and trust interpretations;

  • Provides opinions on the validity of, and entitlement under, beneficiary designations for life insurance, RRSPs and RRIFs;

  • Advises matrimonial lawyers regarding tax, trust and estate matters respecting property and support issues.

  • Mediates contentious trust and estate disputes

Knowledge and reputation make the difference.

Corbin Estates Law is a leader in the field of wills, estates and trusts. Barry Corbin has been lending his expertise for more than 30 years to government committees, industry practice groups, legal journals and international conferences. He is a sought-after mediator by other lawyers who value his straight-talk and fair-minded approach

Barry Corbin